Best money we have spent in advertising!

Your work was by far the best money we have spent in advertising!  We talk about you all the time. We can’t believe how busy we are. We have been quite lucky to have landed 8 confirmed pools and the calls keep coming in, we have been giving out quotes 3-4 times/week steady for well over a month! We are exhausted but so happy. Sometimes I feel like I honestly can’t keep up!  

Thank you for checking in and making any adjustments. I have added a ton of blog entries!  We have noticed that has helped a lot as well.  Anything you told us to do has worked 100% we are so happy. Ok, so word the blog titles in a way that someone would search for it on google… ok I will go in and have a look tonight or tomorrow and make some adjustments. Wow… 2000 hits, that’s insane. We owe a huge thanks to you!!!!  You are great and if the opportunity ever comes up we will always recommend you.